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The Quinte Hard Water Fishing Report

The 2014 season here on Quinte has been nothing short of spectacular.  In my opinion this is some of the best ice conditions that I have seen in over half a decade. 

That being said the one piece of the puzzle that has been tricky to solve is where to start.  Every single spot that we fish has been accessible by January first. 

So as guides we keep detailed records on where the bite has been on in the past this time of year.  This allows us to relate past weather patterns, ice conditions, and structure.  We then try to replicate what worked.  Looking back at past trends we were able to capitalize on some great first ice action..

We have had many days of over 30 fish iced.  We had one fisherman ice 25 himself last week.  There have been lots of good medium sized(4-7lb)  fish being iced.  We have iced over 30 fish between 7-9lbs. We have had a great start getting into some true giants.  Big fish for the past two weeks were 9.8lbs, 10.2lbs, 11.2lbs, 13.0lbs, and a monster 14.4lbs

The typical Quinte aggressive style of jigging has been doing its job.  The fish do seem to be a little pickier with colour this year, but once you find the right one it’s a night and day difference.  Down sizing on major weather shifts also seemed to help.

 We quickly learned that just because fish aren’t on in the basin your in does not mean there isn’t a bite somewhere else.  This is one of our summer strategies that the guide staff at Silver Water Wheel Lodge has dialed in over the years. Don’t be afraid to pack up shop and change basins altogether.  This made our scouts key players in our success this early season.

We are looking extremely forward to this season not just because of the ice conditions but the over all health of the fishery.   It’s shaping up to be a great season here on the Bay of Quinte

The QHWS Team
Quinte Hard Water Specialists

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